Photographer Fro Rojas

The Start: I’ve been directing commercials for about 8 years now. And I’ve always taken stills of my sets, friends etc. But last year a client of mineasked if I had any photography to show along with my directing reel and I didn’t. So my client suggested I should start doing photography…and ayear later I’ve done campaigns for Coca-Cola, Toyota, FreePeople and several other brands. 

Style: I would describe my style as new vintage. There’s so much I love about old film stocks and the way they look so I’ve modeled my work afterthat. There’s this sort of vintage feeling to it but has a new vibe as well. 

Misconceptions: That’s it’s very easy to be a photographer or that just having a good camera is all you need. A lot of work goes into all of myshoots, from location to the model to the art direction and wardrobe, it takes a lot of work to make all of the elements come together nicely. I’ve alsoheard “oh it must be the camera you’re using that make the images so nice” and it’s so much more than that. Obviously a good camera helps…butlike anything it’s being able to capture the moment and directing the talent and finding the right angle etc that makes the image what it is. 

Dream Location: The James Goldstein house in Los Angeles is definitely at the top of my list. The architecture is beyond beautiful and the house isjust overall so unique it feels like you can capture it from so many angles.

The Process: I always tell my models not to pose for me because I prefer moments. I direct them to go somewhere in their head…a thought or amemory and I look for that moment when they’re lost in their mind thinking. Those are always my favorite images. It creates a feeling of nostalgiaor wanting to be in the same thought as the model. 

Outside of Photography: So I mainly direct commercials, photography is something that allows me to continue being creative while I am inbetween projects. It’s a great way to keep all the creative vibes going and just getting better with my eye. 

Bad Shot: I really haven’t had any bad shoots. Sometimes you might have a shoot that maybe you just don’t vibe with a model or something isoff, but there hasn’t been any shoots that I would deem it to be called horrible. It’s always classy times when I shoot.

Dream Model to Shoot: Cindy Crawford, she’s such an icon and comes from such a great generation of models. Naomi, Seymour, Schiffer…thatera was just amazing.#TeamGoals: I have an amazing team that I work with a lot. I’m blessed to work with them when I direct commercials and to have them comealong and work with me when I’m doing shoots is just a bonus. Kimberly Fraga who handles a lot of the producing for my stills and is an amazingphotog herself. And definitely Shiri Fauer, Lauren Massaro and Lauren Bolton all handle Make up and hair on various shoots. They’re all justgreat and amazing makeup artists. And my executive producer Debbie Margolis-Horwitz who handles the bigger jobs like my recent Coca Colacampaign. It’s just a team filled with great creative energy.Feature vs Flow: I don’t worry about what to be featured in, I think it’s more about who to work with and how to get better at my craft and tohave a classy time doing it all…..That’s what it’s all about.

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