Fro Rojas of Kreative Kontent: My generation is the first enabling a connection between the Hispanic and General market

For Fro Rojas, director of the production house Kreative Kontent, his generation is the first enabling a connection between the Hispanic and the U.S. general market. “It’s amazing watching the broadcast of a Spanish spoken spot in an English station, and vice versa. I’ve directed many campaigns where we use a combination of Spanglish to tell a story, for me this is quite natural” he said.

“At the end of the day, people relate to stories no matter their background. Most of the stories are universal, and its only about trying to find the connection between the general and Hispanic market to tell a story” he said.

He is currently developing a TV pilot that he expects to film at the end of 2016, and also he has two movie projects and three incursions of artistic photography. “Recently photography has become an obsession, but directing stole my heart forever. What I love the most is telling stories no matter the media.”

Rojas has tested virtual reality together with Debbie Margolis-Horwirtz, executive producer at Kreative Kontent and expert in that media. “I love the unlimited opportunities of this new technology. I believe that it’s always better having more options to send the message in a more effective way” he noted.

The director aims to create more film and TV projects. Kreative Kontent also hopes to expand the content area of the production Company.

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