Federico Vidal from Kreative Kontent: I am a sharp observer of reality and emotions

Federico Vidal was hypnotized by movies since he was a child. He became a director after abandoning law school and quitting his job in an important law firm in Buenos Aires. "I was 19 years old and studied law. It was nighttime and I had an exam the following day. That night I couldn\'t concentrate on anything because the only thought constantly fixed on my mind was an idea for a script. That same week I dropped out of law school and quit my comfortable job. I looked for a place to study cinema. I had to find a way to dedicate myself to filming and then see how I could make a living out of it" he expressed.  He studied in ORTII and has a certification from the INA (Institute National de l\'audiovisuel) in Paris. He began directing commercials and has made more than 150 spots throughout his career and is also an Image and Sound Design Professor at the University of Buenos Aires. He studied acting for three years to perfect and deepen his directing techniques. "Being authentic in front of a camera is not easy and not everybody manages to do it. Actors have a set of tools they use to fool themselves and convince themselves of things that are not true, to carry out actions for the simple fact that they are written on a script and to feel things they don´t really feel.  This process always seemed fascinating to me, and at some point when I started directing professionally, I felt the need to study theater to share a common language with actors and help them explore their characters" he explained.

Vidal describes himself as a relentless worker, a perfectionist, a stylist to the extent of obsession and above all, an acute observer of reality and emotions. "I live life in a constant state of astonishment" he said. For the director, there is no single genre which he feels more comfortable working with. He likes to tell stories that generate reactions in people, whether it is by making people feel happy, making them laugh, inviting them to reflect upon something or evoking emotions. "As for comfort, I think I avoid it.  Comfort makes me feel uncomfortable" he added.  The film maker does not consider himself an artist, he feels more like an observer/artisan who is constantly trying to perfect his common sense to communicate things. "I am a single child and had to play all by myself. That led me to create my own world to tell my eventual siblings about. I like to create interest in others. I don´t know how to write nor draw very well, much less paint; and I wasn´t talented at music, either, although I tried. Luckily, one day I picked up a camera and it became my tool to tell stories. To summarize, my quest is that of telling stories in the most efficient way possible" he confessed.  

The first film that marked him in his childhood was Conan, the Barbarian, "the scene when they enter the cave in camouflage with that music impressed me in such a way that I can still remember it as if it were today" he narrated. Stanley Kubrick has been determining for his career, and if he could choose a film from history that he would have liked to direct, it would be Blade Runner. His artistic inspiration references are abundant: “Asterix, Kafka, Magritte, Robotech, a Depeche Mode video clip, a story by Borges, one by Phillip K. Dick, some good wine, some bad wine. To be bored and don't have battery in your cell phone, to be lost in a city where you don´t speak the language (and no cell phone), to be afraid and try to conceal it, to be alone at the movies, swim, and many more. But mainly a lot of movies".  His recent clients are Chevrolet, Unilever, Nubelo, Burger King and Clarín. In the future he expects to continue doing advertising until he finds his first feature film.

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