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Miguel Vila from Kreative Kontent: I like advertising and I'm aware of the enormous responsibility I have in each project 

Miguel Vila was born in Colombia and grew up between Bogota and Miami. During his childhood he spent hours creating worlds, making up characters and writing stories. At the age of 13 he discovered his father´s Super 8 camera and began experimenting. "I made small short films, sometimes I even starred them" he mentioned. "There I began to discover the power of a camera as a point of view to tell stories, amuse and entertain. I developed a huge interest for cinema that later on would lead me to study film direction."

He studied filmmaking in Madrid for five years and is currently one of the most outstanding directors in Colombia. His passion for telling stories has led him to film commercials in multiple countries like the U.S., Dominican Republic, Venezuela, France, Spain, Belgium and Colombia. He has been acknowledged in festivals such as Fiap, One Show, Ojo de Iberoamérica, Sol, Wave and El Dorado. His pieces have been chosen among the Cannes shortlists in multiple occasions. 

“I am versatile and try to be at the forefront, I endeavor to give each story the treatment it requires. I am usually not prone to using effects, I try to solve everything with the camera and in much more practical way" said Vila. "I like to try out and experiment with things. For me, choosing the angle or perspective as well as the lens is much more important. I devote quite a deal of time to correcting color and working hand in hand with the Photography Director and the Art Director to build coherent and accurate worlds and atmospheres."

Vila confesses he feels great passion for what he does and feels safe and peaceful behind the camera. "I feel attracted by good stories, good ideas and characters. If those three aspects converge and meet, I will undoubtedly want to be present" he explained. "I seek the best for each piece from my position as director, but I also do it from the client´s perspective, understanding his needs and expectations. I always try to balance artistic and rational aspects in order to offer a solid final product that complies with the best from both worlds. I feel that this is what constitutes truly effective advertising: one that manages to balance those burdens so they go unnoticed, offering a clear and concise product in terms of communication, but that also entertains, amuses and hopefully brings out a smile in people."

The film maker thinks that advertising is quite demanding with directors in the best sense, because it forces them to be very specific and punctual in terms of acting and actions. They must impact on and move spectators in very little time. "I like advertising, I like the scope it has and how massive it results and I am aware of the enormous responsibility I have when facing each project" he added. He feels very comfortable with drama, humor and documentaries, since people and characters are his starting point. 

In his work there is a strong presence of his passion for music and his roots as a Colombian individual. "In my work, my country and its pulse is always reflected. Colombia is a country that moves through emotions, it is a sensitive country full of love and joy. Colombia is flavors, warmth and color. All of that is reflected in my work" he commented. "I´ve had the chance to live in other countries and that has nourished my aesthetics and my way to handle a project in the visual aspect, but there is no doubt that I see my country and my culture reflected in how I seek to amuse, brighten up and make the audience smile."

He is currently finishing three campaigns for Pepsi, a brand he is very close to and that he enjoys working with. "One of these campaigns is the Latin America version of an icon of the brand that has been produced several times for the North American market. I can´t disclose much more, but soon we will see it in different Central American countries. It is a campaign that fills me with pride and honor" he concluded.

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