Kreative Kontent’s Fro Rojas: I love playing with concepts and finding the way the story comes to life on the screen

Fro Rojas is deemed to be a visionary. Currently director represented by Kreative Kontent, he started his career at commercials and ‘assembling’ audiovisual contents for short and full-length films, as he became a seventh art expert.

Taking full advantage of his talent, Rojas is paving the way for Latino market in the USA, while easily crossing cultural borders, spreading his particular sense of humor to convey messages connecting with audiences. His unique ability to take on a corporate idea with creative mastership goes beyond expectations, to create memorable moments everyone seeks for in advertising and content creation.

Representing the South Florida-based content creation company, Rojas has worked with a large number of celebrities, including the Miami Dolphins, Reggie Bush, Dancing With the Stars, Chilean actor Cristian de la Fuente, Dora the Explorer’s voice, ABC Family star Josie Loren, Fatima Ptacek, and the fashion icon, Carolina Herrera, just to name a few.

Amongst his accolades, he counts the ADDY and the Top Award Internacional, Los Angeles, New York, Backlot, and Orlando film festivals. Last year, the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (Oscars) recognized Fro as best Latino Director at the Cleveland International Film Festival.

About his own style, Rojas reveals to be a fan of art direction for his projects. “I believe that’s another layer within our vision some people don’t know about, but I do love playing with attention. I feel working closely with the actors is another personal mark. I enjoy collaboration between the director and the actor... that’s critical for every campaign,” he said.

His pieces have made him win nominations for the IMAGEN Award, as well as prizes at film festivals around the world. “Tio Papi” (2013) was featured at the best Puerto Rico and Fort Lauderdale awards. His recent work includes commercials for Ford Motor Company, Google, JP Morgan Chase, Matsuda, and Telemundo. This year, he also directed the documentary “The Reel Miami Project-Wynwood” in Miami.

As an admirer of Wes Anderson and David Fincher, he points out he enjoys his projects both in the Latino and international markets. “I think that right now both markets are at early stages to combine. Latinos are creating a big cultural mark in today’s market. I am happy and proud I was raised in a bilingual home, where my mother and I speak Spanish, while outside my friends and I speak English, and that’s being more accepted every day.”

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