Staying Classy with Fro Rojas

No matter which history book you consult, the fact is there’d be no Miami if it weren’t for visionaries; you know, those with foresight enough to see both the forest and the trees, and in many cases, to grow both accordingly. Lensman Fro Rojas  is such a visionary. The Miami born and bred director not only sees our city in ways others haven’t; he see how it’ll be viewed in the future, and largely because the world will be looking through his own lens.


Want proof? Just check Fashion Poet Annie Vazquez’s “Miami Through the Lens of Coach,” which Rojas directed; or the “Bedroom” clip he did for Soundproof Walls (and see if you know where that gem was lensed). Even his Al Dente quickie, which focuses on bodies and apparel, is fused with generally unseen visions of Miami.

Considering Fro Rojas is about to team with Product/81 on something spectacular for Ford, Culture Designers decided a fast chat was in order. Here’s what the visionary visionist had to say:

What makes Miami such a stellar location for you (to shoot)?

Aside from the beautiful weather, I think it’s the ability to shoot at locations that most people don’t know about. Everyone thinks that Miami is all about South Beach and palm trees, but there’s so much more to this city than any of that. I always like the idea of shooting at new spots or places that the rest of the world hasn’t seen.

Where do you find the most inspiration?

Art in general. I love music — especially when thinking up of new ideas; it helps me set the tone and mood for whatever it is that I am working on. I love art and photography… Inspiration comes in all forms. I love being around creative people as well. I think they always bring out the best in you and inspire you to do great.

What do you look for in a location anyway?

No palm trees. Seriously. I hate anything with palm trees. I think as far as locations as long as it fits the story we’re trying to tell and mainly that it’s a place that allows me to create some depth with it. Sometimes the location needs to be it’s own character.

Do you see any advantages Miami has over NY and/or LA?

I think the main advantage is being Hispanic in Miami. It’s very different than being a Hispanic in NY or LA. It’s a more diverse culture here. I think the other advantage is how new and fresh everyone’s ideas are here. There are so many creatives with amazing ideas… it’s great for the city.

Would you say our town’s experiencing a sorta visual zeitgeist?

I think our town has been going through a change for several years, from Basel to all the great filmmakers coming out of Miami to some of the world’s best artists. There’s a hunger to make this city great in so many ways.

How’s the future looking through your lens?

The future is looking classy and awesome. The last couple of years have been really good… making my first feature film last year and shooting a ton of commercials and music videos this year have been some of the best moments of my life. The goal is to keep at it and just grow and grow.

Stay classy.

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