Oscar Azula

Latin Grammy, El Ojo Iberoamerica and ADDY Award Winner

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Colombia born Director, Oscar Azula has been directing commercials and music videos since 1996.

It was 1988 when Oscar opted to leave his position as Art Director for Madison Avenue icon Scali, McCabe,Sloves’ office in Mexico City.  Having now completed his degree at the “La Esmeralda” college of the National School of Arts,  Azula would return to Colombia and find his first directing opportunities in television programming.

Directing the television broadcasts of the Colombian National Beauty Pageants from 1989 through 1991, Azula would soon go on to Direct several seasons of Bellas y Famosas,
a weekly series, Oscar honed his directing skills and experimented with new angles and approaches he would later bring to music videos.

In 1996  Azula found his interest lying more in short form and decided to turn his attention to commercials and music videos. By 1999 Oscar had earned a nomination as “Best Iberoamerican Video Director at the Lo Nuestro, Univision Awards. An honor he would be nominated for again in 2000 and 2001.

Since then Mr. Azula has directed literally dozens of music videos for such bands as Carlos Vives, Carolina Sabino, Alex Pires, Charlie zaa y, La 45,and commercials for brands including  AT&T, Telefonica, Postobon, Savital, Agua Cristal, Movistar , Azalaeia,Nestle, Mazda, Colgate Palmolive, Sancela-Papeles Familia, BanColombia, La Bastilla, Compañia Nacional de Chocolates, Colcafe among others. Oscar has also been Nominated as the Best Latin American Director at the "Ojo De Iberoamerica" Awards and Advertising Festival, 2001, and Best Music Videos Director at the Latin Grammy 2002 for Carlos Vives' "Dejame Entrar" Music Video.

All of Azula’s experience is clearly visible in his work.  He currently splits his time between his home in Bogota and Directing assignments in Mexico, the US and Venezuela. Azula is also Directing the Pilot of Annie Sunbeam and Friends, a new eco-friendly animated series for children starring Seinfeld's Jason Alexander and Make It or Break It's Josie Loren.